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Nazarene Superintendent Praises “A Time of Departing”

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on September 8, 2008

But Denomination’s Schools Sinking into Contemplative 
Dr. Jim Diehl is one of six General Superintendents of the Nazarene Church of America. Three years ago Dr. Diehl called Lighthouse Trails Publishing because he had just finished reading A Time of Departing. He told us he believed the book was excellent and that the message in it was vital. We told him at that time that some of the Nazarene colleges were inviting contemplative speakers to address the student bodies. Today, the Nazarene colleges and universities are sinking deeper than ever into contemplative. We are saddened that professors and college presidents within the Nazarene church do not share Dr. Diehl’s appreciation for our warning against contemplative spirituality (i.e., spiritual formation).  

Below is some documentation on one of the Nazarene universities.

Northwest Nazarene University in Nampa, Idaho is a perfect example of the direction Nazarene colleges are heading. Under the School of Theology and Christian Ministries, NNU lists several ministries they are affiliated with at various events. Last September, Brennan Manning was a guest at the College Church of the Nazarene in Nampa. In October, NNU participated in the Missional Leaders in an Emerging Culture Conversation at the Nazarene Theological Seminary (in which there was a workshop on the Eucharist). In June last year, NNU participated at the “Allelon Ministry in a Postmodern Context Conference with Brian McLaren,” and in February, they participated in the “Renovare Spiritual Formation Conference” (Richard Foster). 

Northwest Nazarene’s Call to Ministry program tells those who sign up that they must read Henri Nouwen’s book, Can You Drink the Cup?, and in November, NNU professor Dr. Mark Maddix “facilitated a weekend Spiritual Formation workshop … The workshop explored both a wide variety of spiritual practices such as prayer, meditation, lectio divina, and solitude.” 1(about 1/6th down page)

In addition to NNU participating in events with Brian McLaren and Brennan Manning, promoting Henri Nouwen and lectio divina,Leonard Sweet was a chapel speaker in 2005. CE 513 Topics in Postmodern Ministry, (Tim Milburn includes textbooks by Leonard Sweet, Brian McLaren and Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz). 

Over the past couple years, our research shows that Nazarene colleges, seminaries and universities are introducing students to the New Age and mysticism through their spiritual formation programs.


2 Responses to “Nazarene Superintendent Praises “A Time of Departing””

  1. parentofPLNUstudents said

    Something is amiss at Point Loma Nazarene University.

    The school is offering spiritual formation retreats using a book authored by Tony Jones, The Sacred Way. As a former Catholic, I am well aware that contemplative prayer is rooted in medieval Catholic mysticism. This is detrimental to the faith of students on this campus and those in leadership as “shepherds” need to realize that such are harshly judged by the Lord. The Word of our God shall stand forever. Isaiah 40:8

    The university has also invited emergent author/speaker,Brian McClaren,to mandatory/undebated chapel. My son’s New Testament 102 textbook was written by Bart Erhman, academic scholar in textual criticism of the Bible and self proclaimed agnostic.

    I have notified both the general superintendent of the Nazarene organization of this and also the university president. Pray for students at these universities that they may not be deceived by false doctrines which diminish the authority of God’s Word.

  2. Stefanus said

    We live in a world where churches spend multi-millions of dollars on their buildings while churches throughout the rest of the world can’t give their pastors enough money to buy food. And you’re worried about contemplative prayer? I live in a place where I must be able to speak the language of the Bible in through love in understandable ways (otherwise I’m just a clanging gong) or else my neighbors (mostly Muslim) will never understand who Jesus really is. And you’re all worked up about the Eucharist?

    Biblical? Where is your church building in the Scriptures? Where is your church board? Where is the taking of an offering during worship, the celebration of military, the ordination of elders, the formation of denominations, Sunday School, and so on? It’s not there.

    If the Nazarene’s begin selling indulgence’s then we can get all riled up…until then, let’s applaud efforts to bring and understandable and meaningful “Good News” to the people of our world. Let’s not confuse methods with meaning…form with function…Truth with the language He uses to speak to others. Let’s worry about things that really matter.

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