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Nazarene Emergent Church Plant

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on September 15, 2008

So for those of you who are still thinking I must be nuts.
The Emergent Church cannot have hit the Nazarene Church.
This can’t really be true can it?
We would have nothing to do with this false movement.
Here is just a start of the truth I will bring you.
This movement has hit the Nazarene denomination hard.
This video is just the tip of the iceberg of whats going on in the Nazarene Denomination.
More to come.


3 Responses to “Nazarene Emergent Church Plant”

  1. Diane said

    I am sick at the direction that the Nazarene church is going. I have been a life-long member(67 yrs). The Bible has not changed one word! Repentence is still needed in order to receive salvation It is not enough to merely decide to be a ‘nicer’ person without repentence. Don’t these “emergent fOLLOWers’ care how many souls they will be responsible for leading down a wrong path and possibly lost? Now it’s more important not to offend, than to present the true plan of salvation? And now the emergent wants “just a mention” in the Nararene Manual? yes, a few years ago, the gays just wanted to be left alone to live their lives. Now today, they appear to have more rights than the straight, ordinary person. Has everyone forgotten what happpened to Sodom and Gomorrah? Have we forgotten Galations 6:7? Don’t be deceived God is not mocked, for whatever man sows, he shall also reap” Rick Warren and Brian McLearen may be riding high right now, but what happened on their judgment day? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord and only the Lord.

  2. The Emergent Church with its beliefs deeply rooted in the pagan Celtic Apostolic Church has now taken over Christian franchises and ministries worldwide.

  3. Anonymous said

    The real root of such “movement” traced back to Jesus Himself, when he preached one of His first sermons, “New Wine Skin”. The emerging of a new way of doing ministry, disregarding the old way (old wine skin). If it wasn’t for this New Wine Skin Movement, we would never be forgiven and saved, as the old way couldn’t and would never be able to provide us with full salvation. My true opinion is that, people who are guarding denomination reputation have put denomination before the commission of our Lord. Paul said, “I can be anything…to save some…” I really can’t see any future of these arguments about “emergent church” or whatever…I wish we all concentrate on preaching the Gospel as these conferences and forums and blogs and arguments drain our energy our time and our narrow minded views, and worst of all, disunite and split the Body of Christ…

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