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Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on December 22, 2008

I have not posted for a bit because we have been wrapping filming on the DVD we are doing exposing the Emergent Church and the promotion of stated church and doctrine within the Nazarene denomination.
We had to shut down the guestbook and people now have to email me in order to sign the guestbook. This is to keep the play babies at bay. People were posting comments as well as signing my name to statements I did no make. Its what I have come to expect from the Emergent children.
The thing that all should really take notice to is how no one wants to take me up on posting at my blogs in the public arena on why they disagree with what we say here. The forum in my blog is set up for that yet the Emergents would rather stay here and try to break the rules.
In the DVD we will also be exposing Jon Middendorf and how he has been instrumental in bringing Emergent doctrine into the Nazarene denomination. We will also be exposing Alan Roxburg and Allanon as well.
When I posted a article by Mike Oppenheimer titled” The Mindset of Mockers in the Last Days” it cause quite a stir. The first to respond was Greg Horton who was also exposed in the article. The the rest of Gregs gang followed on the attack. The point is Greg is not a Christian and Im not sure why the rest of his gang run to his defense? Then Jesse Middendorf contacted me as well as Jon. Both have been offered to post publicly on why they disagree with the article. Nether have stepped up to the plate and done this. Matt 18 has been quoted a lot but that does not apply at all here. I am not saying Jon is a bad dad or not a swell guy. From all I can tell he is probably a pretty good guy. That being said we are exposing what Jon is promoting which scripturally is not on solid ground. Namely the Emergent Church. So in my mind Jon is a deceived Christian or he is knowingly promoting what is not scriptural which makes Jon something else.
In all my invitations for people to come and disagree with what is on my blogs I have yet to be taken to task one time!
Not one time!
Instead there is just a lot of rhetoric and dancing around. But then again this is typical when getting into any debate with those in the Emergent Movement.
They either do not respond or just dance around the facts. This indeed is the spirit of Rick Warrens apologist Richard Abanes. Same spirit exactly.
Now on to the new DVD.
Filming is completed and now we go to editing. We will produce a DVD that will probably be 60-70 in length and has the highlights and hits on the key points of what we see is going on. Then the rest of the interviews and material will be available for free download on this website.There is a lot more to come with all this and I am glad filming is still completed. During this journey we were attacked from both outside the camp as well as inside the camp so it has really taken a toll on all of us who are involved.
We will press on and continue to show why whats going on now In the Body of Christ (not just the Nazarene denomination) does not jive with what scripture teaches.
We will also touch a bit on Missional and how that is being reframed. I get a lot of comments that we are against feeding the poor etc..Thats utter nonsense. The new ministries of Justice as well as Rick Warren and his PEACE plan would have you think nothing has been done in missions until they came on the scene. We support missions the Body of Christ has and continues to support missions since the days of the apostles. How about some Matt 6:3 here instead of seeking the limelight and continuing to spin toward socialism.


Peace and Blessings
And Merry Christmas.
Tim Wirth


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