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A email from a concerned Nazarene

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on January 25, 2009

This was forwarded to me last week and I was asked to share this with you.

Subject: Emergent church

Dear Grace Nazarene,

We recently received your link and read of your stand against the emergent
church movement. We are sending along our support to you, as we have also
took a stand here in California at our local Nazarene church.

I have grown up in the Nazarene body of believers, attended Mount Vernon
Nazarene Univ., and began to raise my family actively participating in
Nazarene board leadership, quizzing, music ministries, etc.

But the “Purpose Driven”, “Seeker”, “Emergent” movement infiltrated our
local body and caused many of us who disagree with it to make a choice of
either “catching the wave” or finding somewhere else to worship. After over
a year of much prayer, research, and meetings with our Pastor; we followed
the Lord’s clear leading to remove ourselves from this unbiblical strong
influence that was so disheartening.

We currently are attending a community church that openly voices their
concerns for this movement.

My husband has spent much time in the research that you are encouraging, and
he has put together a Power Point presentation that we gave to our Nazarene
Pastor and a portion of the body. We are sending it along to you as well in
hopes that it will aid your efforts in the upcoming General Assembly.

We wish your church was located closer to our family…

God Bless your efforts. In prayerful support,
Melanie (Sneary) Trowbridge


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