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Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on February 3, 2009

Hi to all: I am wrapping up being at a conference in Tempe,AZ with a lot of friends and brothers and sisters in the Lord. Spent some great time with my friend and brother Buck Storm worshipping the Lord and playing some wonderful music. Always good to play music with Buck.
Also spent a lot of time with our good friends Don and Sue Butler. Iron sharpens Iron.
Plus it was great to meet Jacob Prasch, David Hocking, Bill Koening, Dr Rick Oliver, Randall Price as well as spending some time with my friend and brother in the Lord Warren Smith.
Warren did a great job on exposing the book “The Shack”. More to come on that as well as topics the others addressed.
Pastor John Higgins was a wonderful host as well.
More to come on all this and lots of information coming this week once I get back and have had some time to rest.

I will also be shutting off all comment’s on all my blogs and website’s.
It is a free country and people can respond to what I write and post on their own blogs.
To many times debate just turns into a schoolyard fight with people just gathering to watch the fight.
People in both camps.
I will lose hits because when you have guys like Richie Abanes, Greg Horton, or even Michael Newnham at Phoenix Preacher people will gather for the fight.
It all just crumbles down to petty bickering, and foolish talk .
None of which builds up the Body of Christ.
I will speak more on this later in the week
There is a lot more unity than you would think.
At the conference I saw people who didnt agree 100% with each other come together with a common purpose.
I was also very encouraged to see the huge amount of young people at the conference who were hungry for truth and acurate information in this great time of deception.
I have asked some people mostly in the Nazarene denomination to reply publically they can still do that from their own blog, websites and or pulpits.
Again more on all this later.
We will also be expanding our links page make sure you check that out.
I can still be contacted by email for any concerns
More to come next week.
Peace and Blessings
Tim Wirth


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