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Jon Middendorf,Wired Parish, and Oke First Church of the Nazarene

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on February 16, 2009

I came under fire sometime ago because we called out Jon Middendorf (son of The Nazarene General Superintendent Jesse Middendorf ) in a article by Mike Oppenheimer “The Mindset of Mockers in the Last Days”.
I came under fire by those who called Jon orthodox in his Christianity.
Well I listened to Jon again on Greg Hortons wired parish site again and I still agree with Mikes article.
Now please go and decide for yourselves.
Of course Jon is free to be friends and fellowship with whoever he wants to.
Of course the scripture teaches differently.

Here is the wired parish link go listen to the podcast for yourselves.

The two podcasts are “The Lenses of scripture” and “Jon-cast continues”.

Here is also a link to Jons church which I noticed had no statement of faith or what they believe.*qshome=home&st=798&trec=2

Rather they provided a link to the Nazarene church website.
Is that what they believe?
Who knows.
I know this they have a pastor for just about everything.
Also check out the Emergent Kaleo community link.
Check it all out and judge for yourselves.
Is this the direction the Nazarene church is headed?
Only time will tell.
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