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Radio Interview

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on February 20, 2009

I will be interviewed today concerning the release of the DVD warning the Nazarene denomination (among others) about the dangers of the Emergent church. on Southwest Radio Church out of Oklahoma City. Eric Barger will be doing the interview. We will also be discussing the state of Nazarene University’s around the country as well as local influences on Oklahoma City promoting Emergent.

Update-The radio interview took place on FEB 20 but was not live and they had 7 people to interview. Eric Barger will give me the heads up when the interview goes out and is completed.
And I will pass that on here.

Spoke to Eric Barger and the radio interview will be aired on Southwest Radio Church April 20,21,22 2009. Please go to Southwest Radio Church for exact airtimes.

I am also currently writting a new article titled “Is the Nazarene Denomination on the Road To Rome? More on this to come. I have made some amazing findings though.

Another Update-Spoke to Eric Barger today and the interview will be complete in about 3 weeks. Once it is complete I will pass along the exact air date.
Tim Wirth


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