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Problems I have with Jon Middendorfs teaching

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on March 10, 2009

Now I know that the folks who currently follow Jon Middendorf will probably not have a problem with Jons teaching here.

I think that Jon comes from a very liberal unbiblical point of view as shown in the podcast.

Jon is certainly not on the same page as me.

This podcast really speaks for itself on where Jon’s head is at.

You will need to search the scriptures for yourselves though and make up your own mind if what Jon has been teaching is true.

I have certainly taken to task Jons friendship and fellowship with Greg Horton.

I really detest the way Middendorf takes the joking so lightly and laughs along with Greg’s comments but that’s just my opinion.

By the way the comments I have heard from those quoting me scripture’s on where Jesus hung out with sinners is a straw man argument.

There is no biblical proof that the Lord tolerated mocking His Word among people he hung out with.

And many scriptures show that Jesus often rebuked the teachers of the law.

We are all sinner’s I realize that. Romans 3:23

Greg Horton is a teacher.

I hope people can see why this is a straw man argument to enable Jons unscriptural fellowship.

This is again why I believe Jon has little to no discernment.

You will need to make up your own mind about these two and what they together are teaching.

This is a little dated but still applies here.

Check out  both “Emergent and scripture”  and “The World is flat” to get a better idea of where Jon Middendorf is coming from.

I will be wrapping up my series on “Is The Nazarene denomination on the road to Rome” later this week.


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