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Update on radio interview and DVD

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on March 17, 2009

There will be a radio interview of concerned Nazarene’s with Eric Barger on April 20,21,22 on Southwest Radio.

I am also reviewing rough cuts of the DVD featuring Nazarene Elder and Evangelists Bev Turner. As well as Gary Gilley, Johanna Michalesen, and Sandy Simpson.

All interviewed by John Loffler.

It is better than I could have imagined and this information will be given out in a very short time once editing and final cut is completed.

This will be available free of charge.

The first DVD will be a compilation of all the speakers and the full interviews will also be available to those seeking more information.

Special thanks to John Loffler who did a great job interviewing as well as Buck Storm, Tom and the rest of the team at Candlelight Fellowship for the fine job on filming they did.

Keep us is prayer as we edit through hours of tape.

The DVD will be a biblically solid source of information on the Emergent Church and the new spirituality that has crept unaware into the Nazarene denomination and the rest of the Body of Christ.


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