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Biblical Nazarene website a joke

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on March 24, 2009

Yes folks if you have not guessed it yet the website Biblical Nazarenes website is a spoof.

A futile attempt to try to malign and discredit me and my friends before the release of our DVD exposing the Emergent Church within the Nazarene denomination.

Its really no joke that one of the biggest fans of this website is unbeliever and exposed wolf Greg Horton.

Well birds of a feather…

The master of this website even wrote me a email confessing the site was a joke.

The site of course was not a joke or parody until it was exposed and then the site owner back pedaled.

Most parody sites like Lark News and The Door magazine offer disclaimers so people would not be deceived.

I believe the intent of this site was to deceive.

And it did.

Part of the article I had posted here after my comments had some pretty crude and graphic quotes. I have pulled the article for that reason. The quotes were made by a lot of wolves in sheeps clothing but sometimes its just best to not repeat what the ungodly have said.


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