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Jim Diehl

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on April 25, 2009

This is some great news but Jim Diehl is about to retire. And we still have Emergent and Spiritual Formation promoter Jesse Middendorf  and its unfortunate that he is a  GS.

Now who will stand for truth in the Nazarene denomination?

It certainly will not be Jesse Middendorf.


This just in-
Good Morning Tim, I just wanted you to know that I got such a blessing and answer to prayer last night. It was the Central Ohio district assembly this week. Dr Diehl our G.S. spoke. I was not able to attend expect for last night when we had the Ordination service. It was my first. Our youth pastor was being ordained and felt I needed to be there. The Lord impressed on me to go but I didn’t know why other than to support our youth pastor and his wife. Well as Dr. Diehl began to speak he used the same passage that our pastor has used this past week. My jaw dropped,the cat was out of the bag. I have been having a hard time with having to keep what I know about what is happening in the church to myself. I wanted to get my facts straight and give my pastor the time to research also. Besides who would I tell and then it get back to the person who is helping bring it into our church. I was going to meet with my pastor and see if we could get a plan together to educate our church on this. 
Dr. Diehl beat me to it. He spoke on it last night. Using the passage in First Corinthians 16:13,Be on your guard;stand firm in the ; be men of courage; be strong, Do everything in love. He spoke aginst the emergent church movement in the Nazarene Church, even used the words new age. He spoke it with passion. My pastor was up front and I was in the back. This is at Grove City, a big church. I think he could hear me,I had tears in my eyes the whole time he spoke. My pastor knows for sure now that the battle is real. We need to pray for General Assembly. I am so grateful that Dr. Diehl is so against this. I am going to try to share what is going on in our church with my sunday school class tomorrow. Our teacher may not know. Thank you for all you do. I will keep you posted on how it is going. Now to deal with the Walk to Emmaus also. The Catholic church just keeps coming. I wish they were not the church that has started all of this but I must keep fighting. I will not compromise the Word of God at any cost! As Dr. Diehl put it last night. I will die first. Feel free to share this story. We will have someone fighting for us at General Assembly. I wish I could be there. 



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