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Thomas Keating and Ken Wilbur on Contemplative prayer

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on July 7, 2009

One of the modern fathers of contemplative/centering prayer is Catholic Father Thomas Keating with new age/Buddhist Ken Wilbur.
Now Ken does not even pretend to be a Christian and he of course is not.
Ken Wilbur is endorsed and promoted by Rob Bell, Len Sweet and Brian McLaren all Emergent Church leaders promoted by many in the leadership of the Nazarene denomination.

Here is Brian McLaren’s endorsement of Ken Wilbur on Brians site.

“A Theory of Everything and The Marriage of Sense and Soul
These two books by philosopher Ken Wilber are not ChThe Next Christendomristian books, but the way of thinking Wilber promotes and exemplifies which he calls integral thinking and which I call emergent thinking  is powerful and important, in my opinion. (Thanks to Jay Gary for this recommendation.)”end quote

Its important to note that Brian even admits that Kens way of thinking is Brians way of thinking.

The same goes for Rob Bell and Len Sweet and thats why they endorse Ken Wilbur and his writings.

What does light have to do with darkness I would ask you.

Notice how they speak about contempative prayer is and what its objectives are.

Plus the fact they are stating that all religions are one.

Here is the U Tube video on what Contemplative /Centering prayer is and does. Interspirituality is also endorsed.

Its important to note that Keating was a fan and friend of Thomas Merton who lead a life of promoting inter spirituality and oneness between the world religions.

Here is the video



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