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Pastor Joe the Volcano

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on July 13, 2009

Pastor Joe nicknamed the Volcano by some big thug at Naz Net got a really bad rap at General Assembly.

Here was the quote from Naz Net “There were at least 3 security guards who were hovering in the room because apparently there were some threats of physical harm against the speakers.”

Where did this guy get the information he put out online?

Who knows maybe it was just gossip to make the Concerned Nazarene group look bad. Mike never quoted his source. Perhaps because there was no source. Doesnt really matter at this point.

This was of course a lie. The only thing Jon, Jesse and Scott have to fear is the truth of Gods Word.

Pastor Joe spoke up afterwards wanting a forum for people who oppose the Emergent Church heresy. A “Thats not likely” or something to that sort was uttered by Jons dad Jesse Middendorf.

Thats ok the truth will still get out.

Here is Pastor Joe in action and it shows his passion for Gods Word and Gods Truth.


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