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Finding a good church and pastoral support

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on August 26, 2009

Face it folks it is getting harder and harder to find a good bible believing church out there these day’s.
Many of us have left churches broken hearted when that church reduces into accepting false teaching.
Many of us have went through this pain.
Here are some suggestions (note the word suggestions) on how perhaps to find a good church.
This is what I have done and it works for me.
This also does not guarantee that the church will stay with Gods Word and keep to the faith.
Its just a good starting point for me.
First go to a couple service’s and listen to the preaching done then go read Eph 4:12-15.
To me it must fit this criteria.
Side note- you always here there is no perfect church and if your in it it is not perfect as well.
Well there may not be a perfect church but there must and could be a faithful church.
A church that is true to Gods Word which is perfect.
Now if the preaching is good and meets the above criteria of scripture it is good to meet with the pastor before you start going there to see what the pastors direction and vision is for the church.
Does that vision and direction line up with Gods Word?
I will also always like to meet the pastor in his office because I want to see what he is reading.
Now lets take that in perspective.
The books he has in his library may be for research purposes only.
So if I see the false teaching of Rob Bell’s “Velvet Elvis” up in his bookcase I do not start to panic but will ask him what he thinks of the book?
Someone may have just given him the book or he may have not heard anything on Rob Bell and wanted to check it out for himself.
I have always offered to give a pastor more information on false teachers.
Most pastors that are on their knees before God to appeal to the Holy Spirit on what to preach that Sunday seldom have a lot of time to do any sort of research and spend a lot of time on the internet.
That’s what watchmen are for.
What makes me want to vomit is when I see this new wave of pastors (Emergent or otherwise) who you see all over the internet with numerous blogs and comments all over the place.
Thats why some of them can only come up with 23 minute sermons its because they spend their days surfing the net trying to make a name for themselves.
The mere time they spend on the internet show they don’t have anytime to study Gods Word and preach effectively.
And also explains why they are deceived and choose to follow false teachers like Brian McLaren and Rob Bell.
Again a great lack of time in Gods Word which is our only truth.
Ok so much for the rant back on point-
I would ask the pastor very specific questions about Rick Warren, Hybels seeker-sensitive and the Emergent church.
This is a litmus test for me because I do not want to go into a church where false teaching is being promoted.
There are churches out there that still honor Gods Word but they are getting harder to find.
2 Thess 2:3 3Let no man deceive you by any means: for that day shall not come, except there come a falling away first, and that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;”
We are witnessing this taking place world wide as I write this.
Now if the pastor is open to your objections to the Emergent Church etc.. I would say voice them and then judge upon the feedback you get.
The pastor may well be uninformed about the dangers and perhaps you were sent there to warn him.
Me personally before going forward will always let the pastor know what I do and turn him toward my website.
Always -I don’t want any surprises.
Some people have wanted me in the church because of my musical talent.
I will always turn them toward my website first to see if THEY still want me going to their church.
If its a good fit (so to speak) go forward.
When warning a pastor of deception make sure you put across your concern for the Body of Christ at large.
Because know it or not all saved Christians are part of the same Body.
My own pastor Steve Spoon supported me from the get go.
We soon had Ray Yungen in our church speaking.
When I expressed my concerns about what Jon and Jesse Middendorf were promoting Pastor Steve’s words were “You know Tim you need to expose this”.
Pastor Steve has also supported the DVD in both the main church and the church branch and has allowed us to pass this out for free.
Of course this was allowed only after Pastor Steve reviewed the DVD.
For this Pastor Steve has been a object of ridicule and threats by our opposition (on the other blog).
He stated about reading Bob Hunters and Charles Christians email’s to him as pure poison.
So let me tell you if you have a pastor brave enough to stand with you this day you need to keep that guy in your daily prayers.
Plus Pastor Steve was the one who introduced me to Bev Turner and let me know it was key to get the Nazarene evangelists on board with us.
Which we have.
Some even passing out our DVD’s.
So there is my two cents.
Be encouraged even though its really bad out there and the Emergent heresy has deceived many read the end of the Book.
Jesus and His Word win in the end.
And that you can rest assured of.

And as Pastor Steve always says “Onward and Upward”.
Sincerely in Christ
Your friend and brother in the Lord
Tim Wirth


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