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What Concerned Nazarene’s are not (as a group)

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on February 1, 2010

I have consulted with all the original leadership in our group before sending this out.
Just wanted to bring back the focus on what we are about.
And sometimes that means stating for the record what we are not about (as a group per se).
Here is the origin of the group from our website.
Our whole purpose has been to warn others about what is going on within their denomination or group.
We of course started this within the Nazarene denomination first.
This has now expanded to the entire Body of Christ and the DVD we produced (and distribute for free) has crossed all denominational lines and is even now being handed out at race tracks here in the United States (go figure that one but praise God for His open doors).
We are not only Concerned Nazarenes but Concerned Christians.
Our group is comprised of many different members of the Body of Christ from different denominations and groups.(Romans 12:4-21).
We also have website’s which take the information to the people.
I’ve been doing this for about 10 years now but there are also other very good solid websites that expose error.
Some have just recently got onboard like Manny and Brenda others (like Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer,Gary Gilley) have been around a lot longer.
We are all in this fight together.
OUR MAIN PURPOSE-is to warn others of the heresy that is already here.
And then LET THEM DECIDE for themselves if what we say is true as THEY (meaning you) search the scriptures Acts 17:11-12.

1.It was never our intention to split any denomination but if a denomination splits because of heresy within so be it.
Nazarenes have policy and measures in place to be able to change their leadership.
I would suggest that those policies and measures be followed if you want to change your leadership.
I do believe in following the chain of command when you are a member of a certain denomination and should operate within the policies set up by that group or denomination.
We do that here.
If you dont like the rules or policies by all means go forward and attempt to change these policies (as many here have done).
If not and you want to start your own denomination of course go as God leads you.
Thats not what we are about though.

2.We are not KIng James Only Advocates.
For the record I use King James because it is a good and solid translation.
I also like RSV and New King James.
I do not like parapharses because it is not a literal translation but what the author (not God) thinks the scripture states.
Scripture intreprets scripture-if you hold true to that and are lead by the Holy Spirit you will never go wrong.
I also believe their are many bad translations out there such as The Message.
I cringe when this book is quoted.
Its bad for a paraphrase and is just a extension of Eugene Petersons new age agenda.
But again King James Only is not a fight that our group is in (as a group).

3.We do not endorse or fight against women pastors as a group.
I know that the Nazarene denomination does allow for female pastors.
I personnally would not sit under a female pastor because I believe the Bible is very clear about this teaching.
Women should not have authority over a man in the Body of Christ.
But again this is not the Concerned Nazarenes group battle.
here is a solid link to this if you would like to see what scripture teaches on this subject
This is not meant to hurt or offend any female pastors but I believe the Bible is very clear on this.

4.We do not do discernment or run our articles by commitee or a board.
Concerned Nazarenes group does not have a board, commitee or anything like that.
Nor will we ever.
We do however council with others on articles.
I speak with Manny at least a couple times every week as well as Sandy Simpson and Mike Oppenheimer as well as Ray Yungen. I also speak with Deb at Lighthouse trails either by phone or email as much as I can.
I also actively seek the council of godly pastors who will read my articles and give me input.
We council with others on where God has our focus and where our enemy satan and his minions seem to be hitting.
We will NEVER as a group or individuals seek a board or group approval to get out the articles we publish.
We will however seek godly council.
We do adhere to biblical teaching on getting godly council Proverbs 1:5
1. Godly counsel is
consistent with Scripture.
2. Godly counsel should
be filtered with solitude
and prayer.
Some may not be able to see the difference between godly council and board/commitee approval.
If you can’t see the difference I’m sorry but thats the way we will continue to operate
Above all our articles should agree with scripture and you will notice those who oppose us rarely (if ever) call us out on scripture.
Even though that would be inconsistant with many of our oppositions low view of scripture.
If you do not stand on the authority of scripture and that the scriptures are without error we do not even have enough common ground to be able to talk about the issues raised.
It has also been a side note that we need to impress scholars.
I can assure you it has NEVER been this group Concerned Nazarenes intention to ever impress or seek the approval of scholars.
Yes sometimes our grammer and punctuation drives you English majors crazy.
Sorry about that if its a stumbling block to you.
What matters the most is what we teach and if our intrepretation of scripture is correct.
If it is wrong by all means reject it or call us out on it.
But you can only do that if you believe that Gods Word is 100% without error.
If not every argument becomes relative to the individuals personal intretpretation of scripture instead of letting scripture intrepret itsef.
Most of us are simple folk who just believe in the Bible.
Seeking godly council and getting board approval are two totally different things.
If you have spent at least a year in a church you know this is true.

These are just of a few of the side issues that have been bought to my attention and I wanted to address them publically.
Again I wanted to refocus our groups efforts and help those of you who are watching determine what we are about as a group.
Sincerely in Christ


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