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Dan Bohi and hi…

Posted by nazarenepsalm113 on May 21, 2012

Dan Bohi and his false teachings:
I would suggest for this that everyone be faithful Bereans and search the scripture and balance it against what Dan is teaching.The problem with the Emergent Church coming in to the Nazarene denomination is that it was already here for sometime but no one bothered to search the scriptures to see if what was being said and taught was true. Hope we learned from that.
With Dan I would suggest you start at this link on U Tube titled the two Wings of the Dove.
Then go to “Take Another Drink” on U Tube by Bohi. Dan promotes being drunk in the spirit at the end on 8 and 9 in this series.
Then go to” Faith not maybe I am”
I encourage you to watch all 9 parts of each one of the series they are only about 7-8 minutes apiece.
I could barely make it through the very first 2 of “Take another drink” but I will let you decide.
Within this series Dan states a boy was healed of MS as well as a lady who only had three weeks to live from cancer. I would like to see documented proof of these healings and will be contacting Dan so he can provide proof.
Dan is typical of many preachers on TBN who state we can stop God by our lack of faith,sin,fear or ignorance. This is a tactic used by faith healers to explain why people dont get healed.This is more of having faith in your own faith. Dan also states he does not like the scriptural definition of faith stated in Heb 11 and then goes on to give his own definition. Dan states this i the series Faith not maybe I AM 1/9. Dan very cleverly mixes truth with error. Dan then promotes false teacher Bill Johnson in 4/12 of Faith Not maybe I am. For more on Bill Johnson go to this article Bill Johnson has claimed that angel feathers and gold dust have appeared in his church just google him for more information.
Dan Bohi also distorts what scripture teaches about people seeking signs and wonders in his series “Take Another Drink” 3/9. Dan also states a lot about revelation knowledge and that he pretty much operates in all the gifts of the Spirit in the link I provided.Revelation Knowledge is God speaking to you personall outside of you reading Hid written Word. For more about Revelation Knowledge check here and listen to the podcast.
Dan Bohi has also made claims that a lot of tithers are being taken but people are not getting saved. Where do we get those numbers at? Dan just kinda throws that out there. Dan claims at one of his meetings that 200 people were filled with the Spirit and 75 people were saved. You receive the Holy Spirit at salvation so Im not sure what that is about. Sanctification is a process I know but you are filled with the Holy Spirit at the moment of your salvation. That where you start to be less so He can become more. I will continue to go into Dan in more detail in future articles. I do want to thank my brother and friend in the Lord Sandy Simpson (who was on our DVD) for publishing my article on Dan on his website Deception in the Church. His site gets over 1 million hits a month so we will continue to get the word out.
But dont take my word on it. Listen to Dans series and then hold it up to the light of scripture. Keep in mind sucess and large altar calls mean nothing. Look at Benny Hinn,the Toronto Blessing Todd Bently etc.. And Dan is very much cut from the same carpet. So view the teaching read your Bibles and decide for yourself. Dan Bohi is very clever at mixing truth with deadly error and is also man centered in his teaching and preaching. PS The Holy Spirit never lost one of His wings and it is surely not up to us to allow God to work in power and glory for His great pleasure.


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